What are the major components of a VFD or VSD? How VFD/VSD works?

VFD - A variable frequency drive or Variable speed drive VSD is an electronic power unit which provides infinitely adjustable control of the speed of 3 phase AC motors by converting fixed mains voltage and frequency into variable quantities.

Provides infinitely adjustable control Has to be a 3 phase motor Converts frequency and voltage

Components of a VFD

Rectifier - Converts the alternating current (AC) input power to direct current (DC) power

DC link- Stores the DC power to be used by the converter. These are the capacitors that are typically in the back of VFD.

Converter - The IGBT (Inverse Gate Bipolar Transistor ) inverter is the heart of the converter component.It under direction of the control circuit provides the PWM (Pulse width Modulation) output of the motor,a controlled frequency and voltaage.

Control Circuit - This is where the programming takes place and controls all the working of the VFD the brains of the operation.

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IGBT is Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (not Inverse-Gate Bipolar Transistor).