What are the equipment required for the maintenance,repair and calibration of pressure instruments?

Proper equipment is required for the maintenance,troubleshooting,repair and calibration of pressure instruments.

1.Pressure source - Deadweight tester or a portable regulated air supply.

2.A very accurate pressure gauge with up to date calibration directly traceable to the NIST.

3.A high accuracy voltmeter with up to date calibration.

4.Fittings,valves and tubing to connect the instrument to the dead weight tester or other device.

5.A regulated power source to provide power to the instrument at the proper voltage.

6.A set of tools for maintenance,removal disassembly,repair,reassembly and remounting of instruments.

7.Repair parts,solvents,lubricants.

8.A vacuum pump and high accuracy vacuum gauge if absolute pressure instruments are to be calibrated.

9.Electrical connection tools.

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