What are the differences between ISA100.11a and WirelessHART wireless standards?

What are the different types of Wireless standards ?


Part of ISA100 standards committee aiming at a single integrated series of open standards, designed by end users and suppliers.


Developed by the HART communications foundation based on legacy wired HART principles -Primarily a vendor organization.

Differences between ISA100.11a vs WirelessHART


1.Defined and specified backbone architecture -minimize latency,provides added bandwidth and quality of service.

2.Support for other communications via tunneling-provides integration of legacy protocols and devices,protecting installed investment.

3.Field instrument transmitters use standard off-the-shelf batteries-provides a low cost ownership

4.Device routing flexibility- provides device energy saving and improved network data throughput.


1.Gateway only,no defined backbone network or devices (network access point defined - external connections not specified)

2.Support only HART using the thumb device

3.Field instruments use custom proprietary battery packs that needs to be purchased from the instrument supplier

4.Device routing inherently fixed in all devices.