What are the difference between RTU and PLC?

Difference between RTU vs PLC

Remote Terminal Unit Vs Programmable Logic Controller


1.Operates Event Driven

2.Transmits Changes Only

3.Transmission path is rather long,Slower communication speed.

4.Only requested data will be communicated,very efficient.

5.Own time stamping of events,data will be transmitted with time stamp to central control unit.

6.Various process voltages

7.Not limited to any kind of application


1.Operates cyclical,cycle is performed non-stop

2.Transmits all information cyclical according to the programming.

3.Pre-programmed cycle with predictable cycle time,faster communication speed.

4.All programmed data will be communicated,possibly unnecessary data

5.Central control unit does the time stamping of events.

6.Mainly 24 dc process voltage.

7.Mainly for local area control application (Industrial control,process control etc…)