What are the criteria for selecting level measurement instruments?

How to select a level measurement instrument which fits for your application.

Consider the following things

1.What is the material to measure 2.Contacting or non-contacting measurement required 3.What are the temperature and pressure ranges 4.What is the distance of measurement 5.Is it an open air or closed vessel application?

Application type - Level,Interface,Flow,Pump control,Volume,Weight

Physical arrangement - Process connection available (Nozzle length and width) internal geometry,external geometry

Application Criteria - Vapors,Dust,density,foam,viscosity,Specific Gravity

Electric Supply - AC,DC,4 wire,2 wire (loop powered)

Communications - 4-20,Modbus,HART,PA,FF,devicenet,Relays

Diagnostic desire - Local,PDM,Pactware,HART.

Area Classification - General Purpose,Intrinsically Safe,Explosion Proof