What are the best electrical design softwares?

I would like to know about the best design softwares in electrical engineering

Electrical engineers require various tools for various jobs, so there is not just one tool that fits the bill. The electrical engineering professional needs a literal toolbox as well as a virtual toolbox to complete jobs effectively and efficiently. That’s why we’ve searched for the best tools, mobile apps, and software products around – to save those busy professionals time and energy.

First: If you want to make circuit diagrams for contactor logic or single line diagrams, the software for that which i have used are e-draw max and autocad. Out of the two e-draw is much simpler than autocad as most of electrical symbol are already present in it.

Second: if you want to design and simulate the circuit you have designed than there is a list for that. Below are some i have used.

Matlab/LTSpice : for circuit simulation

RSlogic 500 : for plc logic simulation

Multisim : for electronics simulation

So these are some top usedsoftware with which you can explore in the field of electrical engineering