What are the advantages and disadvantages of Variable Area Flowmeter?

Variable Area Flowmeter

Measuring Principle -

The direction of flow in the vertical conic tube is from the bottom to the top.The upward flowing media lift the float for as long as necessary to reach an equilibrium.The ring shaped gap between the measuring tube and reading edge of the float is just big enough so that the state of suspense achieved.

More details of Variable Ares Flowmeter

Advantages of Variable Area Flow-meter

1.Reasonably priced,simple construction 2.No auxiliary energy necessary 3.Suitable for liquids and gases 4.No in and outlet straight length necessary 5. Assembly and maintenance friendly 6. Available with contact or current exit

Disadvantages of Variable Area Flow-meter

  1. Vertical installation 2.Pressure loss 3.Solids can damage measuring edge 4.Pressure,temperature and density dependent 5.Sensitive against pulsation or vibration 6.Wearing from abrasive media