What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermocouple?

Advantages of Thermocouple

1.Very wide temperature range (1.2 K to 2300 deg C) 2.Fast response time 3.Available in small sheath sizes 4.Low initial cost 5.Durable

Disadvantages of Thermocouple

1.Decreased accuracy comparing to RTD 2.More susceptible to RFI/EMI 3. Recalibration is difficult 4.Requires expensive TC wire from sensor to recording device 5.Difficult to verify 6.Not as stable as RTD

EMI/RFI? What is the full form

A thermocouple measurement requires two temperature measurements: the hot junction measurement and the cold junction measurement. The reported temperature is the addition of the two measurements. Each has an accuracy uncertainty.

Electromagnetic interference ( EMI ), also called radio-frequency interference ( RFI )