What are Steam traps? How to maintain steam traps?

What is a steam trap?


The steam trap is a tool used to get rid of water from steam, where this water is useless and will even provide resistance to steam flow or can cause other losses.

This steam trap is placed in the lowest place of a pipeline or installed in a pipe bag called Drip Leg. Installation of Steam Trap also should not be reversed, pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the body (casing). If there is no arrow direction then ask the engineering or related parties.

Steam traps must be checked regularly. The frequency of inspections is determined based on the use of steam traps.



  • Steam Trap on the lowest pipeline area where it is considered water may have hung on a piping bag (Drip Leg)

  • This steam trap will empty water into a steam system that has a lower pressure

  • The trap system enclosed in emptying water uses valve valves on the side of the trap.

  • Use a filter if this trap system has not used it. Install the test valve for disposal during start-up testing.

How to maintain steam traps?

  • Perform cleaning on each element periodically and if possible replace elements that are no longer good. However, it is important to know that the replacement of the steam trap element does not always have to be done because it requires high costs and can also cause steam traps to fail and leak during the process of replacing these elements.

  • The factory technician must always check the correct working procedures in the steam trap. Because good factories are factories that always pay attention to work procedures.

  • Clean the steam trap from the crust because the crust can cause the process of removing the condensate with steam not to work properly.