What are RSLinx, RSView32 & RSLogix 500 in Allen bradley PLC?


What is RSLinx?

RSLinx is a software used for communication settings between PLC and PC. Briefly the communication settings are as follows:

  1. Run RSLinx then click the communication menu, then enter the RSWho menu as shown in the image below. There will be found an active driver. In this experiment AB_DFI-1, DH-485 was used.


  1. If AB_DFI-1, DH-485 does not yet exist, then make it in the following way (in this example using AB_DFI-2, DH-485). On the communication menu, click configure driver then select the RS-232 DFI Devices driver then click Add New. After clicking, the Add New RSLinx Driver menu will appear and then type the name of the new driver. The result is as shown below.

  1. After that, the configure RS-232 DFI Device menu will appear. Then setting all menus, or for easier selection, Auto-configure after that click OK.



RSView32 is one of the HMI software that allows monitoring of data in the field, in this case the data from sensors and transducers in the field are controlled by the PLC.

PLC communicated with RSView32 will display the data in a view that makes it easy for operators to observe the process in the field. Another advantage of using this software is the effectiveness and security of the process of control and monitoring. Following is the setting so that RSView can be connected with PLC:

  1. Set the communication configuration between PC (Personal Computer) with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) using RSLinx software.

  2. Run the RSLogix software and then open the ladder that has been created or create a new ladder.

  3. Downloading the active ladder to the PLC.

  4. Run the RSView software and open the project that has been created or create a new project.

  5. Re-run project for monitoring data from PLC. In order for the created project to be online with PLC, we first determine which channel is active.


After that a node is created for the system that has been created:

Then the project that has been made has been online with PLC, by filling in the database tag. In the data source type device is selected, on the node name type the node that was created and in the address type in the input or output needed or that has been used in RSLogix.

For type tags, select digital. On objects that will be monitored in animation with tags that have been created. So it can be said, the RS Logix software functions as a PLC programmer/controller, while the RS View functions as a visualization/monitoring of data from the plant (PLC).

RSLogix 500:

RSLogix is software that is used to create programs in the PLC. The ways that must be done to make a ladder diagram program using this software are as follows:

  • From the Start Menu Program select Program Files → Rockwell Software → RS Logix 500 English → RSLogix 500 English.

  • On the monitor screen will appear RS Logix 500 English logo for a few seconds.

  • If we want to create a new ladder diagram program then choose the New icon whereas if we want to open a program file diagram stage that we have created before then select the Open a File icon and select the file name.

  • After that a picture screen will appear which is used to draw or edit the ladder diagram program that we have made before.

  • To turn on the ladder program we have created into PLC Allen Bradley then select the icon ↓ beside the OFFLINE word located in the upper left corner of the image field and choose Download. If all of the program diagram diagram we have created is true then no error message will appear on the monitor screen and the download will be 100% completed.

  • Then when the “Do you want to go Online” command appears on the monitor screen then select OK to turn on the ladder diagram program into PLC Allen Bradley and if we do not want to turn on the program then click Cancel.