What are Pre- shutdown, Shutdown and Post-shutdown activities?

A shutdown process is the temporary closure of a process plant for maintenance or installation. A shutdown procedure can be split into three:

  • Pre-shutdown

  • Shutdown

  • Post-shutdown


Pre-shutdown is the initial stage of the shutdown process, which includes planning and scheduling of shutdown.

Pre-shutdown activities:

  • Obtain scope of work –base and specific scope

  • Conduct site inspections, review blind positions, test entry, scaffolding specifications, cranes, removal of insulation and fastener conditions etc.

  • Obtain approval for temporary lay down

  • Initiate steps to purchase the necessary spare parts, fasteners, gaskets etc. and ensure that all spare parts are available before shutdown.

  • Ensure availability of tested hoses for draining, purging and steaming out.

  • Ensure all the lifting tools and tackles are certified and colour-coded

  • Remove insulation where ever required.

  • Shift all required tools to site tools container

  • Arrange all necessary PPE and consumables

  • Ensure sufficient quantities of a suitable range of pressure gage are available

  • Ensure the supply of SCBA, Breathing devices for conducting blindness, etc.

  • Assist with the operation for connecting the purging hoses, valve closing and CD/OD reversal.


The execution phase of shutdown project usually takes 30-45 days. Originally, all the processes are stopped when the zero date ends, the equipment is centrally washed and manholes are opened. Internal and external preliminary infrastructure is inspected, some modifications are made following inside-external inspections.

Facility maintenance supervisory staff are responsible for performing shutdown execution. We use shutdown planner job packs in combination with the shutdown scheduler to complete the task within a specified time.

Shut down activities:

  • Toolbox Talk about work ranges, risks and control measures by boss and safety officer.

  • Manway open, ventilation and obtain a gas test certificate

  • Confined room for tracking the timing of entry and exit.

  • All the bottom nozzles to protect with the metal box to block the entry of foreign materials.

  • Provide QC with preliminary examination and get advice

  • Erect internal scaffolding

  • Based on QC recommendation and scope, complete all the activates.

  • Offer for final inspection and obtain a box-up certificate from QC, process, maintenance and operation.

  • Torquing witness by QC and maintenance

  • Housekeeping

Post shutdown:

All test and supporting equipments should take offsite, once the shutdown tasks are completed. The method of shutdown management must be well documented and can be used to plan future shutdowns.

Post shutdown activities:

  • Assist with operation for start up activates

  • Disconnect all the hoses, repair the insulation and clear all outside scaffolding.

  • Move from temporary lay all bins, tools, and supplies to permanent laid-out.

  • After successful commissioning obtain FAC from QC, planning, operation and maintenance.

  • Summit close out report