A motor is a machine which can convert electrical energy to mechanical energy it could be Dc or Ac depending upon the power supply. Dc motor is of two types brushed motor and brushless motor in the brushed motor it has commutator and brushes in brushless it doesn’t have brushes. In BLDC motor the permanent magnet rotates rotation is done by changing the direction of the magnetic fields generated by the surrounding stationary coils and the rotation is controlled by adjusting the direction and the magnitude of the current into these coils. Hall sensors are used to determine position during commutation. Three-phase brushless motor driver


• BLDC requires external commutation circuit to rotate the rotor • The position of the rotor is very important • Hall sensor does its function by sensing the position of the coil accurately

BLDC advantages over DC and INDUCTION MOTOR

• Used in appliances, automotive, and aerospace consumer • It is used in medical, industrial automation equipment and instrumentation • It has better speed versus torque characteristics • High dynamic response and efficiency • Noiseless operation • It has a long operating life • It can do higher speed ranges • Elimination of ionizing sparks from the commutator • They can be cooled by conduction


BLDC motor 2200w 60v differential gear

BLDC motor was early used in vehicles for windshield viper, for CD player and power windows It is simple to maintain more durable, smaller in size, it does respond faster at higher operating speeds, lighter and it is simple to control it could self start too all these factors made the BLDC more useful for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle manufacturers prefer BLDC over others because its peak point efficiency is higher and rotor cooling is simpler Batteries are the important component in the BLDC drive system it provides energy to the engines and they also allow the electrical receiver to function The driver can pulse charge the battery by applying brakes and it is done by the help of permanent magnets in brushless DC motor and of the external torque to work as a generator

• It has faster motor responses • The inertia of the armature is reduced by small diameter magnetic rotors • High acceleration rates • Reduced the rotational loss and smooth servo characteristics • Constant speed could be achieved by optimal motor response • Quiet drive system and instant speed regulation