Understanding Wonderware Application-Importing Windows and Scriptss

A most important functionality of the Wonderware is using the import/export facility. This is primarily used during the integration of the Wonderware with any other system at site.

The steps to import any window or script are as below:

File - Import - Browse for the application location - select windows and scripts - click import

After importing the required windows, the following two steps to be followed before using it in runtime.

  1. Open the window and select all the components and substitute tags. You can see all the tags indexed ( %r:, %d:, etc ). Now click Convert and then select Local.
  2. Right click on the window and go to window scripts and the click Convert and then select Local.

Note that the tags will get converted only if the tags are already present in the tag database. If not present in the database, then the user will be prompted to define the tag.