UCN (Universal Control Network) Access Overruns/ UCN NODE Performance Problems

The APM/PM/HPM has three processors that work in concert to perform its functions: 1. Control Processor 2. Communications (Comm.) Processor 3. IO Link Processor.
Communications Processor Provides:
UCN Network support, Network Access to HPM Data (Control Card and IOP Owned data) Peer-to-Peer Communications UCN Network Redundancy (Cable Handling) HPMM Redundancy Control Event Collection and Distribution Some of the distributed Time Synch functions

Control Processor Provides:
Digital Composite Functions Device Control Functions Logic Processing Functions Process Module/ User written Sequential Control Programs Regulatory PV Functions Regulatory Control Functions Array Functions Flag/Numeric/Timer Functions

IOL Processor Provides:
I/O Access IOL Network Redundancy (Cable Handling) Power Regulation for the HPMM Card set