Feeders are used for the transmission of electricity it is the power line in which electricity is transmitted in power systems. It does the transmission of power from the generating station or substation to the distribution points. There is no intermediate tapping and by that, the flow of current will be the same for the sending and the receiving section. Feeders are the conducting device which is used for the transmission of power to the main load center we could get constant voltage from the feeder. There are four distribution feeder systems are used • Radial • Parallel feeders • Ring main • interconnected systems

RADIAL FEEDERS It is used for many distribution processes it is really cheap and simple it is only used when the substation or the generating stations are located at the center of the consumers in this type feeder will radiate from the generating stations or substations and it will reach the distributors at one end. Thus the power flow is in one direction

Parallel feeder

There is a disadvantage in radial feeders if there is any fault occur during the transmission there will be no supply for many customers so this can be changed by using parallel feeder if there is any fault occurs only one line of the feeder will be affected the other will do the work the cost is high due to increase in feeder number it can be used to transfer heavy loads


In this type of feeder system, we could get reliability as much as in a parallel system This type of feeders are used in urban and industrial environment in this type the distribution transformers are connected with two feeders cabling has done for many routes starting and finishing is in the same location the power is delivered to the substations if there is any fault In the ring it will be isolated by circuit breaker and the supply will continue by using ring feeder there will be few fluctuations in the customer section there is always an alternative path if any fault occurs



In this type the ring feeder is energized by more than one substation or generating station it is an interconnected distribution in case of transmission failure the system doesn’t stop it continues and it does the load transmission