Troubleshooting Manual for Control Panel

  1. SDF

Possible Fault: Fuse Burning.
Cause: Over Current, Short Circuit Remedy:-Replace the Fuse with same rated new one 2. MCCB/MCB and ELCB.

Possible Fault: Tripping Cause: Short Circuited current. Remedy: Rectify the cause produced the tripping current and rectified the same. Put ON the MCCB/MCB

  1. Power Contactor.

Possible Fault: Motor not starting. Cause: Contactor Coil faulty, Coil is not getting Power
Remedy: Check the Power Supply voltage from Coil point. If coil is faulty replace with new one. 4. OLR


                    TO Motor

Series to starter Coil (NC) Possible Faults: Motor not starting/Motor tripping continuously Cause: Relay Tripped, Current adjustment is faulty. Remedy: Release the tripped OLR switch, Adjust the current rating according to the Name Plate.

  1. Relays:

Possible Fault: Not Working. Cause: Coil faulty, No power, Contact got damaged Remedy: Check the power Supply voltage, Continuity between contacts, wiring faulty. 6. Controlling power supply. Possible Fault: No Out put voltage, Voltage variation, Cause: Fuse Blown, loose Connection Remedy: Replace Fuse, Connect properly. 7. Transformer. Possible Fault: No Voltage, Low Voltage, Different Voltage, over heating. Cause: No Input Voltage, Loose connection, Over Load, Shot Circuit, Remedy: Check the input and out put Voltage, Limit Load Current 8. Terminal Block. Possible fault: Sparking and No Continuity. Cause: Loose Connection. Remedy: Tight the Connections and shot link. 9. Solenoid Valves. Possible Fault: Not working Cause: No Inlet Air supply, No Electrical Power supply, Air leakage, Remedy: Check the Air and power supply

Please may you explain to me what is ?

  1. SDF. 2) OLR. 3) RYB. 4) OLR switch best greetings.

Hi, SDF- Switch Disconnector Fuse OLR- Over Load Relay RYB- Red Yellow Blue ( 3 -Phase color indication)

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Can some one explain which program is mostly used in DCS for linking inputs