Tools used by automation Engineers

An automation engineer have difficult jobs, who need tools that helps in their job. There are different types of tools useful by automation engineers to simplify their job which are listed below:

Unit Converter Tools:

Unit conversion tools are used to easily convert parameter from one unit scale to another in need. The converters can be apps, spreadsheets or website also. Common converters include Distance, area, Temperature, Pressure, Volume, force, Time etc.


  2. Conversions

Modbus test tools:

The Modbus test utilities are used to diagnose the Modbus communication and verify the data in a specific address. The utility is used to test the Modbus slave device. Modbus tools connect with modbus devices and check the communication between master and slave device.

And they are used to read and write on slave devices.


  1. Radzio! Modbus Master Simulator
  2. QModeMaster
  3. Schneider electric

OPC tools:

An OPC server is a window application that allows a window program to communicate with industrial hardware devices. The task of an OPC server is to convert the hardware communication protocol of the PLC into the OPC protocol.

  1. Matrikonopc

  2. opcconnect

  3. simplymodbus

PLC simulators:

PLC simulators are used to create and edit ladder logic, therefore, to study PLC ladder logic. To stimulate ladder logic in the system, a real PLC panel is not necessary, instead, we can use PLC simulator.

  1. Do-more® Designer

  2. PLCOpen Editor

  3. PSIM PLC Simulator