Tool to check the time synchronization between client nodes - PLC,SCADA,DCS

LMCheck tool -

This tool is used to check the time synchronization between windows nodes.

Time synchronization plays vital role in SOE (Sequence of events ) ,alarm and event managements.

If you have multiple PLC or Multiple client nodes (SCADA,HMI,DCS supervisory node) in a plant,for alarm and event analysis it is very important maintain synchronization between nodes.

LMcheck tool is a small utility which helps you to analyse the difference between times in difference nodes in the network.It will show the variance and acceptable range.

If you have domain environment it is very important to maintain the time synchronization. If your time synchronization is not good it will mess up your alarms and event (SOE) .

This tool can be downloaded from following link.

32 bit and 64 bit version of this tool is available


Some other tools are also available for download.

NTPcheck - NTP server test. Domain time removal tool. DTTest - Time server test utility DTsync - sync trigger

This tools are very helpful for those whose maintains a Domain controller for client node