Temperature Transmitter in underground line

we need to install the skin type temperature transmitter in buried line after insulation joint. Concern is that if we install Temp Sensor (skin type) after insulation join the CP (cathodic protection) draining issue will come.

To overcome from that I need some one advice.

a) In-line Temperature Transmitter with Thermowell cannot be use in this line, as it is pigging line. b) In our design the skin type temperature x’mter cannot be use above ground line as it will not provide the process temp, but pipe temperature (which vary with atmosphere temperature). c) Only sensor is in in buried line ( 1.5meter below ground, 32" pipe, hydrocarbon gas line.) and transmitter will come above ground.

If In-line Temperature Transmitter with Thermowell can not work, An bimetallic thermometer may help.

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For an above-ground pipe temperature sensor, cover a skin thermocouple with foam insulation to isolate the sensor from the atmosphere and cover the insulation with housing of sheet metal to protect it from sunlight UV. I saw this used where the thermocouple was installed at the 2:00 position. The insulation housing was weather sealed on the top and sides but left open on bottom to allow any water to drain out.