Temperature controller with event triggered output

Hi guys!

I was searching between the SOLO, Omron, Process Technology and Autonics temperature controllers for one which could handle an event triggered output. Is there a controller which triggers an output once the setpoint temperature has been reached? I have read countless model summaries and manuals and can’t seem to find one with this functionality.

Any of those listed temperature controllers has an alarm output, usually an option.

The alarm is configured to trip at some high or low setpoint and its output relay follows suit.

There is always a hysteresis value so the alarm does not dither around setpoint.
For a high alarm the hysteresis is below the setpoint. For a low alarm the hysteresis is above the setpoint.

For example, an alarm that trips (makes) at 240 Deg C with a 3 degree hysteresis will not reset (Break) until the temperature drops to 237 Deg C.

Sometimes hysteresis is spec’d in engineering units, sometimes as percent of input. You don’t know until you look it up or see it happen.