Stepper Motor Drivers


Stepper systems (motor + drive) are open loop systems that accept digital step and direction inputs provided by an “indexer” or “motion controller” that is basically a programmable pulse generator. The step and direction commands are typically generated from a PLC (programmable logic controller), signal generator, PC or programmable motion controller. The sequence of command pulses is “translated” into the movement of the motor by the drive (“translator”). The result is a completely digital and very cost-effective intelligent movement system. 1

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What is the function of stepper drive?

The function of the stepper drive is to sequentially regulate the current into the motor phase windings in order to produce the desired motion. The switching scheme used in a drive (full-step, half-step, mini-step or micro-step) in combination with the mechanical construction of the motor determines the system resolution in discrete motor steps per revolution (steps/rev). While heat considerations ultimately limit the maximum torque from a given motor/drive system, the torque generated at speed is largely a function of the drive’s ability to overcome the inductance of the motor windings and push the maximum current into the phase windings as quickly as possible without over-heating.

AC Input Stepper Motor Drivers

AC Input stepper motor drivers offer superior torque characteristics over a wide speed range, from low to high speeds, providing a large speed ratio. Supports Closed Loop control without gain tuning or hunting problems when used with the AlphaStep AZ Series (absolute mechanical encoder) motor or the AlphaStep AR Series (built-in resolver) motor for superior control.

All AC Input stepper motor drivers feature Oriental Motor’s advance microstepping (Smooth Drive) control. These drivers are available in pulse input or stored data (Network) types through our FLEX product group and offer electromagnetic brake control for vertical operations. 1

Utilize the AlphaStep Closed Loop drivers on all our Actuator based products as a common platform to simplify wiring, improve machine performance and Networking.

  • Pulse Input, Pulse Input with RS-485 Communications or Stored Data (Network)
  • Single Phase or Three Phase Input
  • Closed Loop or Open Loop

DC Input Stepper Motor Drivers

Available in a wide range of DC inputs, our DC stepper motor drivers are available with the same features found in our popular AC Input drivers. 1

  • Pulse Input, Pulse Input with RS-485 Communications, Multi-Axis or Build-in Controller type (Network)
  • AlphaStep Closed Loop, 2-Phase and 5-Phase Stepper Motors
  • 24 VDC, 48 VDC or 75 VDC Input

Types of Stepper Motor Drivers

1.Pulse Input Drivers The stepper motor can be controlled using a pulse generator provided by the user. Operation data is input to the pulse generator beforehand. The user then selects the operation data on the host programmable controller, then inputs the operation command.

2.Built-in Controller (Stored Data or Stored Program) Type Drivers The built-in pulse generation function allows the motor to be driven via a directly connected personal computer or programmable controller. Since no separate pulse generator is required, drivers of this type save space and simplify wiring. 1

Different types of stepper drives

  • L/R
  • unipolar
  • bipolar
  • PWM/chopper
  • recirculating chopper

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