Standard for fire detector

i need to know if the fire detector must connect to control panel directly or i can connect it to junction box first and then to control panel and what is the standard that illustrate this issue…

what kind of fire detector you want to connect IR type or thermal or Fusible loop ??

infrared type(IR)fire detector

Fire detectors are normally connecting in loop wise.From control panel single pair cable goes to all the detectors and get terminated at Control panel.There are restiction for maximum no: of detectors on single loop as per the manufacturer. Also, sometimes detectors are connected zone wise which means a single loop to dedicated for a particular zone

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i don’t mean the smoke detectors type ir but i mean flame detector such as FL3112 general monitors

Need not necessarily be the case. The case discussed above is that of an addressable fire and gas system. Where as for PLC based safety systems you can connect them to JB’s and then lay a cable to the control room. If you have many detectors are wiring up individual detectors to the control room, you will be laying up lot of cables throughout your facility.