Sony Magnescale

Trying to replace a faulty LT10-205C Sony counter unit. Tried to go with current LT10a-205C. Could never get serial comms to work. Finally found the direct replacement. Identical com settings. Old one works fine as far as comms. New one will not . Any idea would be appreciated. Maybe you have dealt with this before. To be specific. Data stream that is needed and works is …A 000.00 B…3. New unit, identical setup gives me … 000.00 B …3. Loosing A and Space. Adding space after B Ladder logic must see proper stream. or we get comm. Fault. Has to be something stupid. simple. same unit, same settings. LT10-205C Magnescale counter unit. Lt10A-205C also gave scrambled data. Other streams have # added etc. HELP.