Smart Grid - Benefits of using smart grid, Disadvantages


What is the Smart Grid?

The Smart Grid is a technology to provide intelligence to electricity distribution networks to allow a better use and greater efficiency in the distribution of electric power.

The intelligent network is possible thanks to the application of detection, measurement and control devices with two communication channels to the parties the production of electricity, transmission, distribution and consumption of the electricity network that communicate information about the state of the network to users of the system, operators and automated devices, making it possible to respond dynamically to changes in the grid condition

Function of a smart grid should capable of:

Governments and financing utilities for the development of the Modernization of the network have defined the necessary functions for smart grids.

A Smart modern should:

  • Being able to heal itself.

  • Motivate consumers to participate actively in the operations of the network.

  • Resist the attack.

  • Provide greater quality of energy that will save money lost from cuts.

  • Fit all generations and storage options.

  • Enable electricity markets to flourish.

  • Execute more efficiently.

  • They allow a greater penetration of intermittent sources of power generation.

Benefits of using Smart Grid:

  • Raising Reliability: building a complete electrical system monitored and controlled in real time, with a capacity of self-establishing (self-healing);

  • Operational Efficiency and Optimization of investments: transmission by superconducting cables and full automation with integrated systems with analytical capacity appropriate to the decision-making activities;

  • Network Operation and Planning: more detailed information on the demand and conditions of the electrical system through the meter’s electronics.

  • Variations in the price of energy: Although the consumer is accustomed to paying a fixed price for the electricity it consumes, the cost can vary by a factor of 10 times within the same day. The final price will also vary, creating the incentive to economize price peaks and to sell the surplus available at moments of low demand.

  • Smart grids have the potential to reduce electricity consumption by 30%.

  • Perhaps most importantly, it will make the user more responsible with their consumption and at the same time Become a micro-entrepreneur of energy from the comfort of your car, your office or your home.

  • Intelligent infrastructure technology for global energy distribution could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the energy sector.

Disadvantages of Smart grid:

  • High cost due to replacement of analog meters by more sophisticated electronic meters;

  • Lack of regulatory norms for standards for technologies smart grid;

  • Lack of official technology documentation

Advantages or favorable circumstances of Smart Grid

Following are the advantages or favorable circumstances of Smart Grid:

➨It decreases power robbery.

➨It decreases power misfortunes (transmission, dissemination and so on.)

➨It decreases power cost, meter understanding expense, T&M activities and support costs and so forth.

➨It decreases hardware disappointments because of programmed activity dependent on shifting burden conditions. Request Response diminishes weight on resources of keen network framework during top conditions which lessens their likelihood of disappointment.

➨It lessens continued blackouts and diminishes continuously related rebuilding cost.

➨It lessens air discharges of CO2, SOx, NOx and PM-2.5. Henceforth savvy lattice adds to keep condition green.

➨It lessens oil use and wide scale power outages. Subsequently keen lattice gives security to the individuals by giving nonstop force.

➨Smart lattice is equipped for fulfilling expanded buyer need without ading framework.

Downsides or weaknesses of Smart Grid

Following are the downsides or weaknesses of Smart Grid:

➨Continuous correspondence system ought to be accessible.

➨During crisis circumstance, organize clog or execution are huge difficulties in shrewd framework.

➨Cellular arrange suppliers don’t give ensured administration in anomalous circumstances, for example, wind storm, substantial downpour and helping conditions.

➨Some brilliant meters can be hacked which can be utilized to increment or abatement the interest for power.

➨It is costly to introduce brilliant meter contrast with customary old power meter.