Siemens TIA Portal block: Analog Input Scale

Description:“Analog Input Scale” Function Block made to make a scaling from Raw data in PLC’s Analog Input to an Engineering Units value to ease the understanding of the value presented in the program.(4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V, 1-5V) For data types parameters and more detailed description with relevant files for TIA download, here.

“Analog Input Scale_DB”(Card_In:=int_In, Low_RD:=int_In, High_RD:=int_In,Min_EU:=Real Max_EU:= Real,Deadband:=Real, H_LL_T:=Int_in,H_L_T:=Int_in,HH_SP:= :=Real_in,H_SP:= :=Real_in, L_SP:= :=Real_in, LL_SP:= :=Real_in, SIM:=_BOOL_In, SIM_PV:=Real_in,
HH_ALM=>bool_out, H_ALM=>bool_out, L_ALM=>bool_out, LL_ALM=>bool_out, ERR=>bool_out, PV_EU:=real_inout,