Sequential Functions Chart visualization

Hello friends,

I’m working with a Siemens PCS 7, if everything was just from Siemens, it would be very alright. But now my customer wants to use Wonderware HMI as a substitute for Wincc in the system, and besides that they need to use a SFC view software from Wonderware to view SFC code execution in the PLC S7-400. In my opinion, a SFC (sequential function chart) view software must be provided by a PLC producer, such as Siemens having SFC Visualization, Schneider having Unity SFC View, etc. But the customer send me and link:[email protected]&doc_id=19519&ts_id=48810543

I did send it to producer, but maybe that software is just in the past, not at present. They haven’t answered. I posted a topic here to ask for your help, anyone having experience the similar problem please help me! Thank you all and have a nice day!