Selection of level measurement equipment?

Level measurement equipment selection

Major categories of level measurement equipment selection

1)Will the installation be internal or external ? 2)Will the measurement be direct or indirect measurement ? Direct measurement - for example floats Indirect measurement - for example ,load cells -measure the force due to the level of material.

The physical conditions of an application will limit the number of level measurement instruments that can be used

1.Is the vessel accessible ? 2.Is local indication or transmission to a remote location needed ? 3.Is control needed at a point ? within a band ? Over a continuous range? 4.Can the vessel be penetrated ? 5.What is the nature of the contained materiel ? 6.Is it liquid,slurry or dry bulk? 7.Is it conductive? 8.Is it clean or is it corrosive,toxic or hazardous ? 9.Is the vessel vented ? sealed? Pressurized ? 10.What is the shape and orientation of the vessel ?

Another major category is range. 1.Narrow range 2.Wide range measurement