Scan rate checking procedure for honeywell C300 controller

Below procedure is carried out with SCOPE RECORDER instead of CRO

  1. Use spare card for testing of scan time for C300 controller.
  2. Check CEE scan rate which would be configured for 50ms
  3. Create a new CM and assign execution time to be of 50ms. It is always configured in default(1sec)
  4. Change execution phase to 0
  5. Change scan rate of respective DI and DO modules to IOM Priority.
  6. Build the respective logic and download. i.e. DI channel, flag and DO channel block etc.
  7. Connect SCOPE RECORDER Out 1 Probe to DI channel 1 i.e. connect its Red terminal to pin 2 of DI and black terminal to reference. Normally we get 24vdc on pin 1 of DI. Short pin1 and pin2. You will get pulse on SCOPE RECORDER and hence DI channel becomes HIGH on CM.
  8. Connect SCOPE RECORDER Out 2 Probe to DO channel 1 i.e. connect it to terminal 1 and terminal 2 with red being connected to 1 and black to 2.
  9. Set intervals of waveforms in msec.
  10. Check whether both waveforms are appearing in SCOPE RECORDER.
  11. Logic gets executed and waveforms can be seen in SCOPE RECORDER