SCADA engineer interview question?

SCADA programmer interview questions

  1. What is the full form of SCADA ?

Supervisory control and Data Acquisition

2.What are the common system components of SCADA system ?

Remote terminal units PLC Telemetry system Data acquisition server
HMI Historian software Supervisory system Communication infrastructure Process and analytical instrumentation

3.What is RTU?

Full form of RTU is remote terminal unit . Remote terminal units connects sensors in the process control and convert sensor signal to digital data.

4.Brief about SCADA architecture ?

5.Different communication protocols used in SCADA communication ?

Ethernet Modbus VSAT

6.Major SCADA manufactures and their software name ?

7.What is OPC?

8.Basics of Modbus communication ?

9.Different types of modbus communication ?

10.Brief about Ethernet communication ?

11.What is a switch ?

12.What is subnet masking ?

13.What is TCP/IP protocol?

14.In server client architecture who is the data owner ?

Server is the data owner. Client request for Data and server respond to request

15.In Master - Slave architecture who is the data owner ?

Slave. Master request for data and slave provide data .

16.What are the disadvantages of SCADA comparing to DCS?

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  1. Advantages of SCADA system

  2. what is VSAT ?

  3. Common SCADA programming languages ?

20.Compare SCADA and DCS

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