Sanitary instrument pipe fitting

Sanitary processing is sensitive to the presence of micro-organism so that the pipeline and instrument fitting areas should be kept at clean. Otherwise, micro-organisms, algae, bacteria affects the process fluid.

Such pipe fitting is used in food processing industries, Pharmaceutical manufacturing and biological research process.

The piping arrangement in such industries is assembled so that it can clean easily. The cleaning process is scheduled along with the production schedules.

There are mainly two cleaning techniques used in industries:

common Clean-In-Place (CIP) protocol consists of flushing all process piping and vessels with alternating acid and caustic solutions, then washing with purified water.

Steam-In-Place (SIP) cycle may be incorporated as well, flushing all process pipes and vessels with hot steam to ensure the destruction of any micro-organisms, used for much-increased sanitation.

Instrument fitting:

The process fluid cannot directly pass through instrument part, which allows the micro-organisms to grow in the narrow curves. An additional technique is used to avoid such troubles. For example, consider a bourdon tube attached to the pipeline is shown below.

The instrument fluid is isolated from the process fluid. A diaphragm is fitted in the middle of the two liquid, the diaphragm moves when there is an increase in pressure of the process fluid. The pressure is transferred to fill fluid that makes the pointer moves.