RSlogix 5000 Programming - Step by step procedure to write a program with RSLogix 5000

1.Click on File>New 2.It Pop Ups a new window.Fill the following data Type - Select the processor.(Control logix processor family) Revision - The latest available firmware version Name - Name of your project Description - Description of the project Create in - Where you want to create your project in. Security Authority - Give access to a specific user (Select no protection so that anyone can use it)

Click ok

3.Click on Controller organizer

Look down to the bottom The processor and ethernet port is auto configured. For adding modules right click on compactbus local and click on new modules. There you can see all available allen bradly modules which is made for the processor and select from it which you want to use. Name the card,select the appropriate firmware and click ok. (You can choose the slot number for the card otherwise it will assign its own) After adding the required the card save the project.

  1. Now click on main routine .

Here we can do the ladder logic programming .

5.After creating the ladder logic ,the program need to be downloaded to controller at this time.Click on download.(Select the communication path).