Rslogix 500 PID

Hello All, I am new to PLC trying to learn so pardon my silly questions. I have attached a pic of my .RSS file. What I am trying to do is controlling the temperature. My logic is I have a temperature gauge and a fan in a room whenever the temperature goes up say from 50 the fan goes on and vice versa. The frequency of my fan is 0-50Hz.

As you can see in my logic first I have given an analogue input(temperature gauge input) and then converted it and store it then in my PID I have given that input to Process Variable and my Control Variable is N7:1. then again I have converted that and given that to analogue output( I suppose that will go to the fan). I have only changed set point to 50 in setup screen of PID.

Now can you tell me if I am going n the right direction if not then guide me kindly and if not then guide me how can I get this working. One more thing I need is to show this all on my HMI and be able to enter the temperature of temperature gauge manually from HMI and can change my set point from my HMI.

Thank you