Reading Documentation Tool Files in Microsoft Office Excel - Honeywell TDC 3000

The below instructions will replace space followed by white space with a tab character -Use Documentation Tool and output the results of the query to a file on the HM -Transfer file from the HM to PC. File Transfer can be used for this -Open the file in Word -Click Edit, Replace -In the Find and Replace window, click the More button and then the Replace Tab -Click in the Find What input port, type a space and then click the Special button. Select WhiteSpace -Click in the Replace With input port, then click the Special button. Select Tab Character -Click the Replace All button -Click OK to the number of replacements made Microsoft Word window -Select File, Save As and save the file with a new filename as type Text Only (.txt) -Start Excel and Open file created in the step above. Be sure Files of type is set for All Files (.*) -The Text Import Wizard should start, select delimited -If the file was outputed in Documentation Tool using the option With Field Descriptors, change the Start import at Row to bypass that imformation. Select Next -Insure the Delimiter has only the Tab checkbox checked. Click the Finish button