radio sensors - Lorawan technology- energy efficiency

Hi, for my school topic, I need a little clarification

How can radio sensors using Lorawan technology help energy efficiency professionals proactively monitor and manage building equipment, optimize energy consumption and reduce energy costs for building owners?

Thank you

Radio sensors utilising LoRaWAN technology can aid in achieving energy efficiency.

Applications for this technology:

Real-time monitoring : It is possible with the installation of LoRaWAN radio sensors on machinery like HVAC units, lighting fixtures, and other building systems. Professionals can spot inefficiencies and take corrective action by monitoring energy use and equipment operation.

Predictive maintenance: LoRaWAN sensors can be used to keep tabs on the condition of machinery and foretell when maintenance is necessary. Professionals can prevent equipment failure and energy waste by seeing possible problems early. This can also lower repair costs

Automatic control: Automated equipment control is possible with the integration of LoRaWAN sensors into building automation systems. For instance, HVAC systems can be modified based on occupancy patterns, or lighting systems can be programmed to switch off automatically when a room is empty. Energy waste can be reduced and efficiency increased by automating machine control.

Data analytics: To find trends and patterns in energy use, data from LoRaWAN sensors can be examined. This can assist experts in comprehending the variables that affect energy efficiency and locating potential locations.

Overall, LoRaWAN technology offers real-time monitoring, proactive maintenance, automated control, and data analytics to help professionals achieve energy savings. Energy waste may be reduced and efficiency can be increased by employing this technology to manage building equipment proactively, which will lead to lower energy bills and a more sustainable building.