Profit loop assistant fails to start PLA fails

This causes mainly due to installation issues.

To reinstall all the proper table and software please do the following:

  1. It is very important to be logged in as a Honeywell Administrator
  2. The server must be in Data Base only
  3. The first is to use Add/Remove programs to Remove the PLA, then rerun the setup to reinstall. The repair may not run the batch files to restore the user tables.
  4. The tables are only on the server, so once you reinstall the server tables all the PLA from Server/Stations will start working again. Rebuild the files on Server A and synch Server A to Server B.
  5. Test that both servers can run Profit Loop assistant when they are the primary server.
  6. If it does not run on Server B, apply steps 1 to 4 on Server B.