Production Monitoring System with PLCpis


  • PLCPis.
  • LED panel displays productivity.
  • LCD screen.
  • Hub/Switch.
  • System management software. Case study:
  • In this system, LED panels are located at the production place for monitoring: Plan, Actual, Coffin, Remain. Plan, Actual, coffin are entered directly from the productivity management software to display on LED panels; Remain = Plan - Actual - Coffin, Remain is programmed according to the formula.
  • Via RS485 port, LED display panels connect and save the data at the server. Then, Through the LAN, each #PLCPis receives real-time data and connects to LCD screen by HDMI port to display real-time values at LED panel 1, LED panel 2,… correspondingly. And a LCD screen displays real-time values of all LED panels.
  • At the operating room, supervisors can monitor work progress overviewly. In addition to importing data to display on LED panels and LCD screens, the #system management #software allows saving data, exporting reports to excel files and drawing charts. Facebook: iomodule