Process Instrumentation : Flow Measurement Application Advantages and Disadvantages of Turbine Meters . Installation Consideration

Application of Turbine Meters : Custody transfer and in line blending. Turbine Meters are used where high accuracy and range ability are required.Pulse output from the Turbine Meter may be scaled for direct totalization in engineering unit.Turbine meters are ideally suitable for batch Control application Turbine meter - Working priciple Turbine meter - Internal Architecture

Advantages of Turbine Meters

1.High Accuracy 2.Rangeability 3.High flow rate for a given line size is obtainable 4.Design for very low rate is available 5.Wide range of Temperature and pressure rating 6.Available for Bidirectional flow measurement

Disadvantages of Turbine Meters

  1. Susceptible for wear or damage if the process steam is dirty 2.Damage from over speeding and pulsing flow
    3.Rangebilty is affected by high viscosity and low density 4.High cost 5.Requires strainers

Installation Consideration : Turbine meters can be directly installed in process line.The line should be relatively free from vibration