Problems related to sensor

I have a sensor situation. We have a place on our steel tubing mill that has 2 sets of 3 IFM distance laser arrays. The arrays trigger the kickoff of our cut steel tubes onto our racking system. Here’s my issue: these lasers get dirty often and malfunction. The area has steam, steel dust, mill coolant that is sticky, and just all around dirty. I need new sensors, Any thoughts on sensors that would work well in this environment please or is there any other way to solve this issue

If they are waterproof you could make a system to spray them with water or coolant occasionally. Can you reposition the sensors and time how long the parts take to get to the desired point? I realize this is inaccurate, but might be good enough for your application

Just add air supply on your sensor path. Little tubes to get rid of steam, dust, etc.

Try to figure out a way to use limit switches if you could mount them out of harm’s way. Schneider makes wireless/batteryless limit switches and they work great.