Problems related to positioner calibration

I am calibrating my siemens positioner but at Run 4 it stops and not finishing its calibration can someone suggest me a solution for this

for this you should check certain things such as

confirm the air leakage

Check the air supply and parameters

Please check if the volume is installed properly or not, volume booster does not work properly and due to this the valve not fully close in zero command so calibration step 4 not complete

the clutch lever could be wrongly positioned, the self-stroking would not have initialized due to a violation in the stroke setting. Failing to proceed from run 4 is due to air leakages. The valve is supposed to be able to hold a position and make small changes and if it fails it will be stuck in run 4. You need to use a soap solution and check the lines for leaks. Also check actuator edges for leaks as well.