Problems related to changing the motor speed direction by using a VFD

How to change motor speed direction from vfd setting in danfoss fc51 drive? I changed the 4-10 parameter to counterclockwise. But the motor speed is not changing by pressings the arrow button.

After changing the 4-10 parameter to “Counterclockwise” you also need to tell the drive, that Digital Input Terminal 19 is for REVERSE. This is normally from a button/switch that you will activate to trigger the reverse action of a drive.

you should use 2 different setups. Make sure that parameter 0-10 is set for multi setup in both setups. Trigger the reverse. Get 24 V DC from terminal 12 from the converter wire it to a button and then from the button go to DI 19 and 33 of the converter. Set your preset reference in the parameter 3-10 for setup 2 if you don’t use any analog inputs. The parameter 5-11 should be “Start Reversing” which is binded to DI 19 and the parameter 5-15 should be “Set-up select bit 1” which is for changing the setup when you press the button. This way when you press the button the motor should work reverse for as long as you hold the button