Problems related to Beckhoff CX5020 plc

Having trouble with an Beckhoff CX5020 plc. Will not start up.(BOOT) Replaced battery CR2032 in plc. Have checked the memory card i can’t see anything that looks like an error to me, i could read it when plugged to my computer. The plc has Windows embedded. I tried to connect USB keyboard to both hmi and direct to plc but it does not respond if I press DEL or ESC

Beckhoff is just a PC at heart… get into bios and see if the CF card is visible. Then check boot device is set for CF card position. If visible and set then data on it may be corrupt.

Check on your .pro and .tsm files on your plc( the program files).

Ideally when your beckhoff plc is running normally both the PWR and TC LEDs should be lighting green.