Problems in vortex flow meter

vortex flow meter local side shows reading but control room side 0 showing no value change ?

Check the loop using the simulator. If a problem exists check the system side any forced values is there. One more easy way to check the mA output with multimeter output is 4mA means loop ok should be zero in the system. Also, check the wiring in the marshaling panel and system panel.

Check what the Low flow cut-off is set at in the device, If the meter is powered and showing a value then the fuse and wiring is good and completing the loop…check to see what the low flow cut off is set at in the meter options via communicator. check mA with respect to flow in the transmitter. If it is ok then check marshalling panel. If everything is ok, then check the DCS block diagram. Maybe LRV and URV settings or ∆P based flow transmitter settings.