Pressure Regulation valve system working | Common uses of Pressure Regulation


Pressure regulation valves are used to regulate or maintain pressure of flowing fluid in a supply channel with in a range of pressure values.

Pressure regulator valve consist of main valve and a pilot valve system. Main valve controls the flow through the main pipe line and the pilot valve controls the working of main valve according to the flow of the fluid across the pipe line.

Fluid flow In to the valve through inlet is know as upstream and out from valve through outlet is down stream. Until the down stream is in no flow demand condition the pressure regulation valve remains closed and the pilot valve seat also remain closed.

When there is a flow demand in down stream outlet pressure drops below the set pressure and the pilot valve seat opens relieve pressure from diaphragm chamber.

Water release from diaphragm chamber makes the main valve open. And fluid starts to flow through the main valve. The pilot valve seat remains open until the down stream pressure meets the set pressure. Pilot valve closes when the down stream pressure meets the set pressure. So that to maintain the set pressure. When the pressure on down stream increases, pilot valve seat closes and the fluid get filled into the upper part of the diaphragm so that the valve closes. Simply the Pilot valve controls the main valve to close or open. A needle valve is used before the pilot valve and diaphragm inlet, so that to maintain optimized performance.

Uses of pressure regulation valves:


As in the above figure, In an industrial application, if two parallel pipe lines needed to maintain at different pressure conditions, we can use pressure regulation valves.

We can maintain different pressure conditions at various region of an industry as per the instruments demands, even if the fluid is from single source tank.


For water pipe line circuits. To avoid high pressure water burst into house hold taps we can use pressure regulation valves.

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