Pre-Commissioning checklist for Pumps:

A pump is an important instrument used in a process industry to pump liquid in sufficient quantity.

The operation of the pump is controlled according to the requirements of chilled water or cooling and the operation sequence is automated by means of field control devices such as valves, thermometers and pressure switches etc.

Pump sets are supplied mounted on a large manufactured base plate; the complete assembly is of a rigid structure, intended to be placed on suitable foundations.

The pump sets are fitted with a patented high-efficiency electric motor appropriate for the stated task.

Pre-Commissioning Checklist:

Below are the sample checklist for Pumps:

1. Download here: PRE Commissioning checklist pump.docx (31.0 KB)

2. Download here: Pre-Commissioning-Checklist-for-Pumps.docx (31.5 KB)

3. Download here: pump checklist.docx (52.6 KB)