Pre-Commissioning Checklist download

Commissioning is a method used to verify that a plant has been built, procured, manufactured, assembled, tested and ready for service in compliance with design sketches and requirements.

Finishing the pre-commissioning operations marks the end of the “Mechanical Completion.” At the end of the pre-commissioning phase, the plant status thus reached is called “Ready For Commissioning (RFC).”

The objective of this "Pre-commissioning checklist " is to provide a detailed, uniform system for verification, inspection, testing, documentation and preparing for the operation.

Download Pre-commissioning checklists:

General Pre-commissioning Checklist

Here is the general Pre-Commissioning checklist for plant commissioning. The general procedures include inspection, Control system, controller, final control element, wiring checklists etc.,

Download: pre commissioning checklist.docx (32.1 KB)

Pre-Commissioning checklist for HVAC system:

Here is a simple checklist that can be used HVAC system commissioning. The checklist contain standard instrument check and other facilities.

Pre-Commissioning CHECKLIST for HVAC.docx (31.1 KB)

Pre-Commissioning checklist for Pumps:

This checklist is an example of the pre-commissioning checklist for field control element.

PRE Commissioning checklist pump.docx (31.0 KB)