Power plant engineering based Interview question

1. What are major circuits in a steam power plant?

  • Feed water and steam circuit

  • Air and fuel gas circuit

  • Cooling water circuit

  • Coal and ash circuit

2. What is penstock?

The pipe between surge tank and prime mover is known as a penstock, which carries water down from the hydroelectric reservoir to the turbines inside the power stations.

##3. What is the function of a cooling system in diesel power plant?

The cooling system maintains the temperature of the cylinder in low range by removing excess heat from the cylinder and thus increase the engine life.

4. Purpose of the intercooler in gas turbine power plant

The intercooler is the device used to cool a fluid in between compression process. During the compression process, the air gets heated. The air is cooled using intercooler at both LP and HP side.

5. What are La mont boilers?

The La mont boilers are high-pressure water type boiler. The La mont boilers are water tube boiler, which water is pumped through tubes and fire burned outside.

6. Name different methods of heating?

  • Gas reheating
  • Live stream reheating
  • Combined gas live stream heater

7. What is bleeding in a steam power plant?

The steam produced by the boiler is used to actuate the turbine, uncontrolled excess exhausted steam is the called the bleeding steam. The bleeding is used to heat feed water.

8. Explain regeneration and state its advantages

The exhausted steam from the turbines and different part of the plant are collected and used to heat feed water, this is termed as regeneration.

There are some important advantages by regeneration:

  • Heat supplied to the boilers can reduce
  • Thermal efficiency is increased
  • Due to bleeding in the turbine, erosion of turbine due to moisture is reduced

9. What are the waste material, which can be used for fuel for power generation?

  • Industrial waste
  • Rubber waste
  • Munciple waste
  • Papper waste

10.What are the two types of coal handling?

  • Out plant handling: Out plant handling means handling from the coal mine to the plant, which occurs outside the plant.

  • In plant handling: In order to handle the coal inside the plant mechanical systems are employed. The latest trend is to handle the coal automatically.

##11. Name different coal transporting equipments

  • Belt conveyors
  • Bucket conveyor
  • Grab conveyor
  • Screw conveyor
  • Flight conveyor
  • Skip hoist
  • Grab bucket elevators

12. What are draughts?

The draught is one of the essential systems of the thermal power plant, this system allows to exhaust the by burnt product by the system. The draught creates a difference in pressure which allows the continuous flow of flue gas exhaust to the atmosphere.

There are two types of draught techniques used:

  • Natural draught
  • Artificial draught

13. What is the main purpose of a chimney?

The chimney is used to emit the flue gases to a considerable height which will be no trouble to surrounding people and environment.

There are steel chimneys such as steel chimney, site constructed chimney, Plastic chimney.

14. Why is it needed a CO2 reader?

In every plant, CO2 is used to measure the concentration of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere, which should be below allowed level.

These are different recorders based on the different working principle:

  • Thermal conductivity cell
  • Chemical absorption cell
  • Density balance

15. What is the use of air preheater?

It is used to increase the overall efficiency of the plant, which is placed between the economizer and the chimney. The air preheater transfer heat from flue gas to the stem before it passes into the combustion chamber.