PLC learning - How to Download a Ladder logic program to GE PLC?

Learn PLC : Step by step procedure to program and download with GE Proficy machine Edition

Proficy Machine Edition

1)Click on File>New

2)Select Empty Project . A window will pop up.Enter the project name. Then Click ok 2)On right pane you can see navigator window. Select the projected you created. Right Click on it. Select the CPU type by clicking on “Add Target” 3.Click on Hardware Configuration. First 3 slots are already configured with default configuration Click on slot 4.A new window will pop up.Select communications tab. Select interface module and click ok. Enter the details. IP Address Subnet Mask Status Address Enable redundant IP 4.Select each slot and configure as per requirement. Select the IO modules as per project requirement.

5.Now click on Logic .There you can see Program Block . Select "Main"and Click on it

You can develop ladder logic program on right pane. Ladder logic symbols are available on top menu. 6.To add a parallel rung you need to use “Cntrl + Z” 7.Now click on target menu and Click on validate

You can see following message if it is ready to be downloaded

"Validating Complete - 0 error(s), 0 Warning(s)

8.Click on Online/Offline button and it will connect the PLC to engineering PC. (In properties TAB enter the IP address ) 9.Click on stop button and Disbale the output.

10.Click on download button