Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) - Software review

A P&ID is a simplified sketch showing the equipment used in a process along with their interconnections ( piping lines) with the instruments and control devices that go with it indicating the process flow of the system. These diagrams are initial drawings acting as a basis for GUI large control system software like SCADA and DCS.

Designed from data from mechanical process design - pressurized vessel design, process flow chart and the instrumentation design, P&ID designs are often used even after installation for plant design modification and its maintenance.

Softwares for P&ID

There are quite a lot of softwares available to work on both online and offline platform.


This is a online platform for all diagrams of all kinds depending on the user need. P&ID is one such feature available on the site. There is a free and paid version were sharing and control on editing of the files are possible between multiple users of a organization. It is compatible with all operating systems, and sharing is available on a wide range of applications as add-on feature on these. Users spend around 10$ per month (for annual payment) for a paid subscription.

Access the website here

Smart Draw

Smart draw is very similar to Lucid chart. A diagramming platform for flowcharts, floorplan, smart art etc. Though integration with other apps is fairly limited, it has a online and offline version of the software. The downloadable software is around $297, one time payment for windows users. The users of other OS have to pay a maintenance fee annually of $69. Online usage of the site cost around the same at $10/month. Though it caters to a wider application area with respect to the templates it provides, a new user might not appreciate the interface features also the symbol directory seems to be limited.

Access the website here


Easydraw is also a diagram software with separate versions for Widows ( windows XP users need to use it with V8.4), Mac and Linux. They fall under the same price range for life time membership in the desktop version as smart draw. But do not have maintenance charges for any OS. Having more than 500 P&ID symbols in their database, they have quite many tutorials to get you started with. They also have two versions of every symbol for both 2D and 3D drawings.

For the website click here

Elecworks P&ID

A software dedicated for P&ID from traceworks software, they provide free trials for a limited time but a one year licenced version of the product costs 375,00 €. This software provides add-ons to integrate electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls. Further all documents pertaining to the design like the equipment list is automatically generated.

For the software click here

ProCad P&ID

The software has a quote referenced to the EPC Provider Worley Parsons, and can also integrate itself to AutoCAD software via add-ons. Providing both online and desktop platform which comes with a 15 day trial. The software itself has an AutoCAD feature and can work stand alone. It has both 2D and 3D designing options. Operating is limited to Windows 7,8 and 10 for the desktop version with 2GB RAM and 4 GB disk space with a minimum resolution of 1024×768 . Works on Intel® Pentium® or AMD Athlon® processors. The software also recommends Graphics card and they have a graphic card usability test on their website for checking.. A one year subscription is $675 with build in AutoCAD, and $ 475 without AutoCAD for stand alone range , networking usage cost an extra $200.

For the software go to this location

Concept Draw

A process flow diagram (PFD) and P&ID software in one with around 498 symbols and specifically catering to the chemical industry. It works on MAC 10.12 or later and MS Windows 7/8/10. This software is free. For more details on the software visit this site. The explanation given are concise and easy to follow.


Supported with AutoCAD, it had full integration with 3D software, providing a list of products, equipment, control and instrumentation units post design. A multi user software, has intelligent user interface. When integrated with 3D layout platform, it provides intelligent design parameters like avoid collision, providing service space, indicating connections etc. Having many companies as technical partners,the price quote is only available on request.

For pdf of the user manual click here. For the website clickhere

Basic software to start with could also be Microsoft Visio

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