Operating principle of a turbine meter

A magnetic pickup installed above a turbine meter measures the number of magnetic flux cut by the turbine meter blades and produces pulses proportional to the volume of liquid flow through the meter

The output of the turbine meter is in pulses. The pulse per the volume of liquid is constant and distinct for each meter. When a known quantity of liquid flows through the meter, a known number of pulses are produced

The magnetic pickup inside the turbine meter produces pulses around 30 mv peak to peak. A pre-amplifier magnifies the small signal to a 12 V DC peak to peak square waves and transmits a signal to the control room.

Each turbine meter is specified with a ’k’ factor which represents the number of pulses produced per a known quantity of liquid. Example: k = 265 pulsed/gallon Generally the ‘k’ factor is provided by the manufacturer.