Open Hardware PAC/PLC/edge controller presentation

Hi, I’d like to inform the community about YABA, a new Open Hardware Project for a PAC/PLC/IoT Gateway/Edge Computing systems. YABA is a modular backplane/slot controller, based on multiple platform from Raspberry module to Nvidia Jetson, Google Coral, standard SMARC module and so on. The expansion boards will provide digital and analog input/output as well as motors control, field bus integration, video input, HMI etc. The triple bus (USB/I2C/LVDS-Ethercat) on the same connector allows high performances but also easy interfacing for hobbyists and low budget producers. Every maker can develop hardware and software solutions to works on YABA platform. We just launched our Indiegogo campaign and we would love like to receive not only backing, but also suggestions, criticism and development ideas. Visit campaign page at: